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Your special moments are my passion.

You're not looking for pretend smiles or matching costumes. You want that moment captured. You know the one I'm talking about. Maybe it's the way your little girl bites her lip when she's being shy, or how your son loves to jump, a glimpse of that dimple when your baby smiles, or the love on your husband's face when you look at him. These are the moments that matter.

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RedStones likes to mix traditional photography tools with modern art that results in truly unique, one of a kind images that you'll treasure forever. Our custom portrait sessions offer a relaxed, stress free environment for a refreshing, carefree experience. Please visit our galleries for many examples of the art we create. We are one of Calgary's premier portrait photographers.



Our very reasonable package fee covers the session AND the digital files. All pricing is up front and there are no surprises. This approach has made us one of the most popular photographers in Calgary. There are no high pressure sales tactics to push for prints. We offer basic pricing for a single shoot and a discount on multiple shoots (maternity/newborn). We do offer prints, photo products and extra digital files above your package allotment.



Digital Files

It is a digital world. The days of print only photos are long gone. As part of every photo session we provide the high resolution images on CD for you to share on Facebook, email to friends, or print at your favourite lab.


Newborn Photography

Capturing those amazing moments with a newborn takes an experienced photographer. In addition to the technical aspect of posing and positioning a newborn, knowing how and when the baby is ready for certain poses takes a practised hand.


Photographer Memberships

RedStones Photography is a proud member of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) as well as the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI).



We have a very comfortable, fully equipped studio. A private customer lounge with bathroom allows my clients to relax in private while feeding baby, changing between settings, or just taking a small break.


Location Shoots

If you prefer we can shoot anywhere within Calgary and surrounding areas. When on-location I usually shoot natural light but also use strobe flash if the situation warrants it.



Our studio is equipped with wood and wicker props, different textured fabrics, and some knitwear for newborns. Feel free to bring anything you may want in the shoot as well.



At RedStones there is no sitting fee.  All of our sessions include the release of all package photos.  You walk away from the session with all the high resolution package images on CD.  Print as often as you like...where you like.  This approach has made us one of the most popular photographers in Calgary.  RedStones shoots in the comfort of your home, our fully equipped studio, or any other location.  We dedicate at least 2.5 hours for newborn or baby shoots.  Our studio setting offers a private lounge where clients can relax and rest between shots...perfect when baby needs a feeding, or just some quiet time!  Newborn shoots are best within the first 2 weeks of life...preferably the first week.  Maternity (prenatal), Newborn, Baby and Family photographer offering studio and location shoots.



Natural Light Portraits

Most lenses are sharpest one stop up the widest aperture.  An ISO of 1000 or more will not yield grainy images on a modern DSLR.  Sometimes it may be advisable to shoot with a tighter aperture in low light.  Keep the background as far as possible from the subject.  For group shots keep all subjects on the same plane (same distance from lens).  If shooting very close up focus on an eye.  Shooting in RAW will allow corrections in light balance...handy if under varying light temps indoors.  Shooting in RAW usually allows for sharper images (your computer process JPGs better then your camera).  If outdoors try and avoid from about 11am to 1pm.  The light is generally softer outside of high noon.  Learn to really focus on light and the effect it has on your subject and surroundings.  If space allows shoot about 15 feet away.  Be organized and ready to go!


Newborn Photography

Tips Studio should be very warm...around 25 celcius.  Don't have a space heater too close to baby.  Make sure Mom is involved...Mom must be relaxed for baby to relax.  Newborns sometimes don't have the smoothest skin tone...a little photoshop is OK!  Make sure baby is well fed.  Mom should give a good feeding just before the session.  A heart beat recording can be helpful.  Be realistic.  Mom should know that she will not get every signature shot from your complete portfolio.  Be patient and will feed on your energy and Mom's energy. Try to get your newborns into the study within the first 2 weeks of life.  Be organized and ready to go!

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