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RedStones Photography sheet about RubyAbout RubyThe owner and principle photographer of RedStones Photography

Inspired by life!  Every photo session allows me to explore and experience new aspects about my creativity - creativity borrowed from those in front of my lens.

I find the technical / hardware side of things easier then the creative. A good photographer is able to see the photo before the shutter moves. Every person has a different style through my lens. The selection of my work featured throughout this site offers you a good idea of what my style is about. Trust an experienced professional photographer to capture and celebrate the moment.

I used to be a Pentax girl back in the old celluloid days...but they were a little late to the gate with a digital SLR. I couldn't wait for the istD to come out so I sold all my Pentax glass and purchased Canon. I started off with the Canon EOS D60 and have more or less kept up. My main body now is the EOS 6D.  The Digic 5 processor handles contrast and metering much better than the Digic 3 or 4 (although most reviews don't seem to mention this).

In digital photography, camera bodys' are important...much more so than in the old film days. However, the lense still remains the most important piece of the overall package. Usually I am using the EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM as my primary glass. I love this lense!! This lense is nicknamed the wedding photographers 'bread & butter' glass. It is a great portrait lense and it is wide enough to allow for some nice group shots. And best of all...at 2.8 it is FAST!

Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I'm going to take tomorrow. - Imogen Cunningham