2018 RedStones Photography | FAQ

WHAT TO WEAR A young mother, with eyes closed, cradles her newborn who is straddling her arm.Mother and daughterA studio photo of a young mother with her baby Keep clothing simple and stay away from any clothing with written or large logos.  Favorites are layered outfits, bare feet, and Babies in their birthday suits!  Parents can choose to wear a black or grey shirt and dark pants (if going for newborn session).  If there is more than one child outfits can be similar, but it's not necessary to have them matching.

Approximately two weeks after your session, an on-line gallery of your images will be published.  A link and password will be emailed to you.  The gallery will be active for 2 weeks.  Once the gallery has expired, a fee is charged monthly.    

Ruby doesn't believe in high pressure sales tactics like the follow-up 'consultation' to pick photos.  Simply choose which photos you like with your family or friends in the comfort of your home.  Your images will be presented fully edited.  This could include anything from color balance correction, light and exposure adjustment, shadow/highlights control, skin softening/enhancements, airbrushing and all necessary retouching.

What are proofs?  
A Proof is a lower resolution electronic image that you can view on your computer / mobiles.  Proofs are presented for you to make your image choices. These images are copyrighted and watermarked as such, and should not be copied.  

Do you offer gift certificates? 
Yes.  Contact us for a certificate that you can give as a gift, either in digital form or printed.

What is the best age to photograph a newborn? 
As long as Mommy is feeling ready, the younger the baby, the better... preferably 4-15 days.  Please see further information on the Newborn Information page.

Are the digital negatives available for purchase? 
Yes! Digital images are included in every session.

How far in advance should I book my session? 
As soon as you decide on RedStones, book your session!  Ruby is typically booked weeks in advance, usually even further for the holiday months.

Do you require a deposit? 
No. Payment is made in full at the session.

Can i bring my pets? 
Unfortunately, out of hygienic reasons, we do not allow pets into our studio.  Since we specialize in maternity, newborns and children, it is important that we offer a hypoallergenic environment.  Moms and Dads need to feel safe and confident to bring a newborn, just days old, into our studio.

What camera and lenses do you use and what are your favorites? 
Ruby's primary camera body is a Canon 6d.  The lense still remains the most important piece of the overall package.  Usually she is using the EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM as her primary.  This lense is nicknamed the wedding photographers 'bread & butter' glass.  It is a great portrait lense and is wide enough for group shots.  And best of all...at 2.8 it is fast!